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Let’s agree, losing weight is confusing and hard

On top of that, we sacrifice our health to take care of our families first. If you’re living with a lot of stress and fat, whether at home or at office, and you think you’re destined for greatness, feel good now because you have arrived at the right place. What if there’s a simpler way to achieve a charming physique that makes you confident and propels you to achieve more in life?

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Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach

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Is appetite a gift?

Avoid silly diets

Let’s face it, you MUST show up with energy and lead, which is impossible if you’re dying inside. You need delicious homemade nourishment – NOT fad diet plans.

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Why moderation is good?

Stop punishing yourself

You’re a Karma Yogi. Stop those injury-inflicting exercises. And experience new energy and new muscles with shorter, strategic, and fun training.

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How to stay consistent?

Support your soul

Lead with a clear, spiritual, strong mind and change the world. Find accountability to recognize your strengths by using both ancient and modern tools.

Trainer and coach Mohinish Nirwal

ISSA-certified trainer and nutrition coach – Mohinish Nirwal

ISSA – based in the USA is the only federally recognized academy trusted by the US Military. Hi, this is Mohinish Nirwal – an ex-banker and a freelancer, glued to his chair. For a major part of my life I used to be on fad diets and tiring workouts until I gave up. Luckily, I found some of the world’s top coaches, who taught me the secrets to lifelong vitality.

I help beings lose fat and look magnetic so they are even more confident in their higher missions.

You could be a leader at your home or at a Fortune 500 company. Having a healthy body propels you to achieve your goals confidently. Let’s have a conversation and you can learn how to permanently lose fat and stay ready for life.

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Why JuhuGym – the online fitness center?

Science & strategy

Gain the exact methodology employed by US-military. This ensures you are using the scientific techniques to gain fitness for life without superstitions.

Online training

Stop mindless movements. Tweak your training schedules to receive enhanced results. And make progress you are comfortable with.

Accountability & support

Learn to stay accountable to experience destroying old limits and setting new records. Create a habit of progress and power.

Unlock your knack to lose fat

No more suffering or sacrificing.
Now make permanent changes.

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