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No gym or equipment necessary


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Let’s agree, losing weight is hard & confusing

We sacrifice our health to take care of our families & goals. The stress, overwhelm, responsibilities means an ugly lifestyle and you begin to hate what you see in the mirror. Feel good now because you have arrived at the right place. There is a proven way to permanently achieve an inspiring & magnetic health that you and your loved ones can feel proud of without turning into a gym rat.

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By Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach

How long will you hurt your mind-body-gut with the traditional fat-loss methods?

Awaken your MIND power

Your MIND keeps a score

How many times has someone made fun of your health? How do you treat yourself? Believe it or not, your mind keeps a score and follow what you believe. Switch off negative energy and accept being fit.

Stop punishing yourself

Love your BODY back

When was the last time you looked into the mirror and said “I love you”. You’re a Yogi. You don’t need to become a gym rat & kill yourself. Get a life outside the gym with fun training.

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No more dieting

Heal your GUT

Let’s face it, your appetite is a gift. It’s a sign that your body needs nourishment your diet is unable to provide. Eat in the right proportion to heal your mind-body-gut and lose fat effortlessly.

Download the 5-step process to learn how to get started on the right foot & lose fat permanently

Solve this puzzle once and for all. Don’t miss this.

I help busy people AKA karma-yogis lose fat, look magnetic, and gain vitality with no gym or equipment necessary.

And for a major part of my life I used to be on fad diets. I was soooo frustrated that I did two health certifications to know the truth. Luckily, I found some of the world’s top coaches, who taught me the secrets to lifelong vitality – without getting another job at the gym.

ISSA-certified trainer and nutrition coach – Mohinish Nirwal

ISSA – based in the USA is the only federally recognized academy trusted by the US Military. Truth is I’m a person with busy work schedule just like you. I don’t live or work at the gym.

And this process has propelled me to achieve my professional and personal goals with confidence. Let’s have a conversation and you can learn how to permanently lose fat and stay ready for life.

Why JuhuGym – the online fitness center?

Science & psychology

Gain the exact methodology employed by the pro athletes. Use the best proven techniques to gain real-world skills nobody teaches.

Small but potent steps

Learn the simple food and movement tweaks perfect for you to actually follow through for results and never end up feeling like a failure.

Accountability & support

Prove those who doubt you wrong by staying accountable to your goals. Create a habit of success and power with small steps.

Unlock your knack to lose fat

No more suffering or sacrificing
Learn to make permanent body changes