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Look leaner and magnetic. And stay that way. Say goodbye to trying and failing. Here’s what you get for the next 5 days:

Day 0 – Welcome orientation session.

Day 1 – Day of Rewiring

Activate the most powerful fitness tool — your beliefs & mind — gain tremendous confidence in your abilities. 

Day 2 – Day of enlightenment

Discover the internal scripts that block our progress. Learn the 3 types of hunger and how to accurately use them to get long-term results.

Day 3 – Power of fat-burning lifestyle

Add homemade fat-burners to speed up your results. How lean people think and act? Abandon worrying about health and calmly achieve more control and fun.

Day 4 – Magic of moderation

Learn why the right activities when done in moderation can burn the most fat. Look great and feel great. Knowledge is power.

Day 5 – Proven maintenance formula

Masterclass to maintain and sustain new lifestyle changes and install the Mindset of a winner.

BONUS: First 20 students get a free 1-on-1 clarity session for personalized coaching and fast results.



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