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I hope to inspire you

You have probably tried it 100s of times. And the harder you tried, the worse it got. Now uncover the permanent fat loss secrets nobody told you to look leaner, magnetic… and stay that way.

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Hi this is Mohinish Nirwal – certified Personal trainer and nutrition coach. You may have seen one of my helpful articles or videos on health. I have gone from being a “fat banker” to a fit entrepreneur.

I feel blessed everyday. And I want you to feel lighter too.

You’ve arrived at the right place.

I hope to inspire you that it’s possible

And truth is, it’s not just about losing weight it’s also about looking better and feeling better.

Imagine waking up in the morning refreshed, feeling light, bursting with energy, and feeling proud when you look at yourself into the mirror. Imagine your wide smile when you listen to the compliments of family members and friends. Imagine them admiring a NEW you – a thinner you.

Join now. Start transforming your life today.

Who do you want to be tomorrow?

There are no shortcuts. But I’ll be there for you so you stay consistent THIS time. Because I know you need accountability, a partner, a coach who can show you the right direction. And my real reward is going to be uncovering your REAL LEANER SELF.

My wife’s friends laughed at me

Years ago, like most Indians I had an arranged marriage. And when my young wife showed my photographs to her friends they laughed at me.

I ignored their comments but secretly I wanted to do something about this.

I tried but failed to stick with every diet plan I could find. And things soon begin to go out of hand.

Years later, I ended up gaining 85 Kgs (187 lbs.) with a short frame of 160cm (5ft 3). Stressed with a low income job I felt trapped inside a body I no longer recognize. I was so embarrassed about myself that I avoided meeting new people to network, and I was scared to death about creeping health problems.

I wasted money on supplements, plans, gym membership fees, and equipment. Until I discovered the secrets — which isn’t some exotic herb or plan.

I wish I’d stumbled upon this knowledge earlier.

Surprisingly, a few weeks ago my wife uploaded a video of me doing pull-ups with a proud message “my body-builder husband”. I’m far from being a body-builder but it felt wonderful. Now tables have turned and actually her friends have gone out of shape.

After dieting, our bodies fight back to regain lost weight

And we thought diets are good.

We think we are making progress by restricting ourselves. But it’s fooling us because in the long term we gain back everything and then some more.

Clearly, it’s NOT about dieting.

Think about this.

Do you think our joints want to carry all that extra weight?

Do you think our body wants to supply nutrients to the fat cells?

Do you think our heart wants to work harder to push blood to the fat cells?

Truth is our bodies WANT to shed excess fat.

Why it’s NOT happening?

It isn’t about willpower or some exotic herb or diet plans you can’t afford. It’s because these 3 parts of your body machine are working against each other.

MBG synergy is the secret to permanent fat loss

What makes us who we are?

Mind – Your mind keeps a score. It impacts how we feel, how we eat, and how we look.

Body – Your body is a reflection of your past habits. A good body pushes you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Gut – In an average life time, around 60 tonnes of food pass through the human gut. How much it absorbs dictates how you look.

All these three factors along with our environment create a complex interaction to make us who we are.

Why your gut holds the key?

Scientists transplanted microbiome (gut cells) of an obese person into a normal lab rat. Even though the food and the activity level was same, the rat got fat.

A woman had gut-cells transplanted from her obese daughter. And she got fat.

Evidence shows gut playing a key role in our health. And one of the ways to enhance mind-body-gut synergy is to consciously eat the right foods items in the right proportion to heal YOUR gut.

I believe in the BEST version of YOU.

When your mind-body-gut are working as they should — you lose excess fat with ease. And you step into the world with higher confidence and higher energy. Your self-esteem soars and life’s challenges melt away.

You become magnetic. You gain success with ease.

Psychologists call this “halo effect”. That’s why you must move towards gaining fitness today.

You and your loved ones deserve a better you. When would you show up and gain control back over your body?

How would you look in 2022? Would you look the same, worse, or changed?

A fit body is a statement that you respect yourself. You can’t pay money to own a fit body. You can’t inherit it. You can’t beg, borrow, or steal a slimmer belly or a toned leg. A healthy body reflects a status symbol, it reflects that you’ve worked hard for it. That’s why it’s magnetic.

The good news is – it’s not too late. It’s time to take action for your health.

Join now the 3-day fat-loss challenge to activate your fitness journey finally and succeed.

Here’s what you get in the next 3 days:

Day 0 – Welcome orientation video.

Day 1 – Take your life back. Rewire and heal.

  • Uncover the “calorie-costing” – the true cost of traditional fat loss methods your body bears.
  • Learn the Moderation principle of permanent fat loss with ease.
  • Activate the most powerful fitness tool to gain tremendous control over your body. 

Day 2 – Trust your body signals

  • Gain clarity on the 3 Types of Hunger and why we confuse them.
  • Learn the activities which are best suited for maximum weight loss.
  • Your gut has all the secrets. Recognize your “Gut-Signals” and use them to gain long-term results.

Day 3 – Commit to a lean lifestyle

  • Discover “natural fat-burners” hidden in plain sight to speed up your results.
  • Destroy the biggest culprits that force your body to gain fat.
  • Learn the “Lean Psychology” – how lean and toned people think and act.

Most importantly, you’ll get hope that it’s possible.

You’re going to gain access to the Day 1 content immediately without any wait.

Implementation of knowledge is power.

It’s time to take the right action. To take the responsibility of your fitness and life. Nobody can do it for you.

Abandon worrying and calmly achieve more control with fun. Maintain and sustain new lifestyle changes and install the mindset of a winner.

Look, you probably have already tried everything you can

But you are STILL here.

Thing is I’m a real human. An app can’t be your coach.

When my students get results I feel like a coach whose athlete won the gold medal.

You need someone who can look at you in the face and provide you compassion when needed. It took me almost 10 years to get this. And I wish I’d known this earlier. I want to see you inside.

Join the 3-day Get fit challenge

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Yours truly,

Mohinish Nirwal
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have any upsells?
Ans: Yes and no. If you want to continue the three-day experience then you can get the invite for quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly coaching. It’s NOT for everyone. And NOT everyone is ready for this.

Q. I have paid, but not received anything.
Ans: Oh no, must be some tech issue. Please send an immediate WhatsApp message here.

Q. How is this different from others?
Ans. Great question. It means you’ve been through a lot and would like to experience it. JuhuGym is all about inspiring you. The program is based on both science and psychology. Plus, I don’t treat my students like a stat, I realize you’re a human first.

Moreover, the best way to experience it is to try the low-cost 3-day challenge. I guarantee you’ll not lose anything except some weight.

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