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37 y.o. delhi man got fit after decades of struggle…

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Yes, I’m ready to get fit for life

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Don’t believe me yet? Check this news article. This is EXACTLY “Intuitive eating” right in front of you.

Image source: Hindustan Times (OMG… what if you discover this secret?)

Problem is not the food — problem is we are taught about Algebra but not about being fit.

Here’s this principle mentioned in the Bhagwat Gita also:

युक्ताहारविहारस्य युक्तचेष्टस्य कर्मसु।
युक्तस्वप्नावबोधस्य योगो भवति दुःखहा॥

Haven’t you seen fit foodies and chefs? What is it that they know? And when you discover THAT… will that change your life?

How understanding this simple thing has changed my life 🤩

🥰 I’m astonished I’m able to slip into any favorite T-shirt, jeans and get compliments.
🥰 I’m setting a good example because my 6-year-old son often says, “I want a body like papa.”💪
🥰 I live life as feast on delicious foods without any guilt or restrictions
🥰 I blast through any weight challenges with grace
🥰 I’m supremely productive and ready for success
🥰 I’m always game for learning new skills (are you ready?)
🥰 I look leaner NOW than I was in my 20s

Psst… What is ‘Intuitive Eating’?

✅ Simple. It’s eating when your body NEEDS energy.
✅ Understand signals from your body (this can be shocking)
✅ You don’t need ‘boiled food’. Be ready to enjoy the chhapan bhog.
✅ When is now a good time to learn this and fix the root cause of the health problem?

“You can workout all you want but you can never compensate for bad eating habits. Right? So how long do you choose to live with the problem?”

Coach Mohinish

Continue reading to discover how your eating pattern can begin to transform in the next few days…

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✅ Why counting-calories and measuring foods are destroying your health.

✅ Decode signals from your gut to know when to eat and when to STOP

✅ Experience lesser to zero cravings as you go deep into the process.

✅ Cravings means you’re stressed, malnourished, or bored… learn how to start fixing these issues now

✅ Begin to shift focus from WHAT to eat and HOW much to eat… to WHY eat

✅ The right “carb-protein-veggies ratio” so you burn more by increasing metabolism

✅ Be accountable to your coach & community so you implement the strategies that work

✅ How to stay consistent to achieve your fitness goals without motivation

✅ Practice good eating habits from the comfort of your home until it becomes second nature

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I love hypnosis. It has worked wonderfully for me in my fitness journey.

The truth is I didn’t have a solid willpower to resist tempting juicy delicious food… Hypnosis definitely changed certain things.

And if you face similar problem then I have a perfect audio program for you. It helps you:

✅ Stops binging food eating easily.
✅ Control cravings naturally.
✅ Heals deeper wounds to keep you healthy.

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Are you making this #1 mistake while trying to get fit?

Attracted by the Shiny Stuff most people disconnect from their own gut. They don’t realize what their bodies are trying to tell them. And what’s the game being played around them…

What you’re seeing above is nothing but the level of your hunger, motivation for fitness.

What’s wrong with this? Everything.

The motivational peaks push you to calculate calories, to go on dieting… but the frustrating ebbs makes you careless and overeat. Your body stays in “binging-dieting” loop FOREVER – until you break it with a decision… Imagine a harmonious consistency where you stay in the “Fat-Burning-Zone”.

I was overeating without even realizing it

✅ I used to go on dieting to burn calories
✅ I thought I can eat whatever if I exercise hard
✅ I never realized what’s my body is trying to tell me
✅ I was trapped in a loop of “binging-dieting”
✅ Once I’m off of any fitness challenge I go back to overeating
✅ Overeating – even the homemade food – is bad
✅ I just didn’t know how much food my body needed
✅ I ate whatever other people around me ate
✅ I didn’t pay attention to my eating loops

Have you realized yet that to — get and stay younger, stronger, healthier, sexier, smarter — the answer is “Intuitive Eating”?

How we will be laying a strong foundation in the next few days…

✅ 5 days of hand-holding by yours truly

✅ Begin learning Intuitive Eating to live in a fit body

✅ Practice deep mindset techniques from Bhagwad Gita

✅ See what exactly I eat to burn body fat

✅ Stay connected with me and other fitness enthusiasts

✅ Beginner friendly workouts to reap more in less time

✅ Learn when and HOW to eat street food so you don’t miss life

✅ Why I say ‘YES’ to social events to boost my results

✅ How to control cravings – and not be a slave to them

Yes, I have practiced Intuitive eating for over a year — but like you I also started somewhere…

And that’s why I can teach you exactly how it feels like…

Yes, I’m ready to control cravings

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Know your coach & friend, Mohinish🙏

✅ Strong Bhagwat Gita proponent
✅ Ex-President of Toastmasters Club of West Delhi
✅ Ex Dy. Manager of SBI (State Bank of India)
✅ Certified by world’s elite coaches who train Olympic teams
✅ A father, a husband, and an entrepreneur
✅ Naturally dropped from XXL to M size

I’m grateful for my mentors for teaching me the lessons of fitness and health🙏. I’m on a mission to help busy folks aka karmayogis gain enchanting health.

Each day I ask myself, “What do I want to pass on to my kids? Poor health or the good intuitive sattvic habits?”

I feel blessed every day that always choose good healthy sattvic habits. And I want you to feel lighter too. See you in the bootcamp…

It’s no accident you stumbled upon this page…

If you believe you’re ready for the transformation then get access to tools, tricks, and techniques that helped me get into the best shape of my life… register here and I’ll see you LIVE in the coaching bootcamp

Think: one year from now you can either stay stuck in the same painful situation… or you can be totally transformed. Where do you see yourself going?

✅ You lose nothing but burn a few extra calories. The more you delay, the more you suffer from pain, embarrassment, and problems. Why delay if it hurts you?

✅ Don’t think. Feel good. Take action. To get the body of your dreams join the bootcamp and act on your step-by-step action plan ⏰

Yes I’m ready to get fit and stay fit

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