About JuhuGym and our unique philosophy

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One who is temperate in eating, recreation, working, sleeping and wakefulness attains yoga, which destroys all suffering.

Bhagavad Gita (6:17)

We at JuhuGym believe and follow every word of this verse.

We are against every fad popularized by the media which doesn’t work.

You can rely on our advice

I’m a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Check this out:

Getting fit is the best thing that happened to me

Somewhere in 2015, I weighed almost 85 kilos (on the left). For a short frame of 5.3″ I had too much.

85 kgs to 67kgs

Everyone deserves a happy mindset full of self-love

I strongly believe you’re here to achieve a higher mission — no matter where you are. But you manifest it when you love yourself NOW — no matter who you are.

I am an ISSA-certified health coach. ISSA is trusted by the US Military and is the only agency accredited by the US government. In fact, I’m both a nutritionist specialist (93% grade) and a Personal trainer (96% grade).

It’s not about losing fat… It’s also about:

  • Gaining lean body mass.
  • Strengthening your muscles and bones.
  • Taking care of your mental health – installing a positive mental attitude.
  • Contributing good to the world with your talents or what you do.

So when are you planning to take control of you health to look and feel amazing?

Contact us when you feel you’re ready to change your lifestyle.