Use PayTM or PayPal to register

Use any method to invest and gain good-looking fitness

Please WhatsApp or email me me a screenshot, or just drop a hi with any ref number so I know the payment is from you. And give me 3-4 hours to check my mobile and respond 🙂

प्लीज़ मुझे WhatsApp या email भेज दीजिएगा ताकि मुझे पता चले कि ये पेमेंट आपकी है| एक “hi” लिख दीजिएगा और कोई रेफरेंस नंबर उतना भी काफी है। और मुझे अपना मोबाइल चेक करने और जवाब देने के लिए 3-4 घंटे का समय देना 🙂

Outside India? Use PayPal.

Option 1: Scan this QR code

Option 2: Send through PayTM

Send payment using PayTM @ my number: 8368878246

Option 3: Use UPI ID

Pay to my UPI Id: 8368878246@PAYTM

Option 4: IMPS/NEFT

Account name: Mohinish Nirwal
Account number: 20163850850
IFSC code: SBIN0001713

Option 5: Living outside India??

Use PayPal to invest… and you’ll soon access your videos. NOTE: the videos are in Hindi.

👉 https://PayPal.me/mohinishnirwal

Again, please remember to WhatsApp or email me me a screenshot so I know the payment is from you.