Payment issues

Try these alternate payment methods


Facing any issues with the last payment method? Remember, your payments are safe on this website. I’m charging this small amount just to get you committed. If you still have doubts please contact me. Now I hope you’re feeling better… so try any of the following payment links and send me a WhatsApp message so I know this is you:

1) Use PayTM

2) Use this Instamojo link


3) Use Instamojo QR code

Scan this QR code

4) Sending Payment from out of India?

PayPal me at mohinish_nirwal (at) yahoo.com 🙂 Just convert Rupee amount into USD using Google or any other currency. It’s okay.

You know the drill… remove (at) with @.

NOTE: Please send me a WhatsApp message or use contact form so I know the payment is from you.

Also please double-check to send the right amount 🙂